SECURE remote access to internal enterprise data – the simple solution for small businesses

Mobile working has become common practice even for small businesses, such as law firms and doctor’s offices. Yet remote access to enterprise data from home or any other place outside the company network over the Internet is not always effected with the highest possible security and often involves great effort. The privacy-cube by HOB offers a simple and secure solution for small businesses. No additional software has to be installed for remote access, nor are administration rights required. Access rights are centrally configured and administered on the privacy-cube.

The privacy-cube comes with the following benefits:

  • Secure network access for up to four concurrent users
  • An SSL VPN (virtual private network) in accordance with the highest security standards
  • Flexible access to your data, printers and intranet
  • Security made in Germany

Whereas other remote access solutions often fail to go through firewalls, the privacy-cube can easily be accessed through a firewall. Moreover, remotely booting computers (Wake-on-LAN) is possible at any time. That way, employees in small enterprises are able to work from home or any other place.

Mode of Operation

Authentication with the privacy-cube is carried out securely over the browser. By default, the HTTP-SSL port 433 is used; this means that data encryption is just as strong as in online banking. After authenticating with the privacy-cube you can choose among the privacy-cube’s many functions.

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  • Highest level of security for your business
  • Easy access using secure SSL connections
  • No IT know-how required
  • Plug in. Configure. Data security
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Customer Comments

“Since I’ve been using the privacy-cube by HOB
I can access sensitive data in an easy and secure way. I found it very easy to configure the privacy-cube myself.”
Adrian Schmolzi, Designer

Your Benefits

The privacy-cube offers flexible working even for small enterprises:

Unique, multi-functional end-to-end solution for remote access
No installation required
Platform-independent remote desktop (RDP connection)
Concurrent user access

Technical Highlights

The privacy-cube offers state-of-the-art technology in the smallest space:

Communication over a TCP port, usually over port 443, the HTTPS port
Strong SSL encryption for the highest level of security
High transmission speed thanks to data compression and load balancing
Up to four concurrent users possible


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